Wildflower Sweet Mead

Wildflower Sweet Mead

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The Honey

When bees create wildflower honey they are free to pollinate and gather nectar from whatever flowers they seek out to be as premium enough for their queen and her young.  The end result is a very rich blend of nectars from countless numbers and types of flowers with the familiar taste of wildflower honey.

The Method

Our Wildflower Sweet Mead is a Traditional Mead created entirely from wildflower honey and cold fermented on premium silky French oak.

The Essence

Fruit forward with pronounced apricot and peach notes; hints of ripe pineapple, citrus; subtle notes of crisp apple and of course prominent honey notes with a smooth light honey finish.

The Pairing

Pairs extremely well with most cheeses, specifically sharp Irish cheddar cheese, or with Mexican food to have the creamy fruit character balance the sharp bite of spicy Mexican dishes. Also pairs very well with chicken and pork dishes.

The Details

  • Traditional Mead
  • Lightly French Oaked
  • 14% ABV
  • 7% RS
  • Gluten Free
  • Fruit Forward Hints
  • No back sweetening
  • No flavorings
  • No spices
  • No fruit
  • No grapes
  • No Sorbate
  • No Benzoate


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