Our Wines

Our Wines

We are one of a handful of wineries globally with a focus on producing traditional mead.  A traditional mead is a wine made entirely from honey.

Our main source of flavor, and character, for each mead is entirely from the honey.  When the bees are pollinating the Orange groves in Florida and Southern California, they are also creating an Orange Blossom Honey.  We use this honey to produce an Orange Blossom Mead.  Whether the bees are pollinating Orange groves, Blueberry fields, or wildflowers, each harvest of honey is very distinctive and characteristic of those specific plants flowers.

We will source only the most premium honey from beekeepers throughout America and ferment it at our winery into a finished mead.

Our Meads are naturally Gluten Free, and made with no short cuts whatsoever.  Mead is also known as honey wine.



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Winery Location & Hours

1623 Old Iron Rd.
Hermann, MO 65041


Thursday:  10-6
Friday:  10-6
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Sunday:  10-6

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