Our Story


Just a few miles southwest of Hermann’s city limits, nestled in the Heart of Missouri’s wine country, you will find one of Missouri’s newest wineries, Martin Brothers Winery.  Martin Brothers Winery is 100% family owned and operated, located on the family farm in central Missouri outside of Hermann.

Martin Brothers Winery is one of a handful globally specializing in fermenting mead.  Mead is considered to be the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man; it is wine fermented from honey.



mbThe story of how Martin Brothers Winery came to be all started back in 2005 when the second oldest son was in culinary school.  He was studying about alcoholic beverages and learned about Mead.  He decided to try a hobby batch, and the result was excellent. The oldest Martin brother, who was working for another winery, tried his brother’s Mead and suggested that the two of them together could make it better.  So with culinary and winemaking skills the two of them made a batch, then another, etc. until 2010 when it was entered into an international amateur wine competition.  A Gold Medal was won in the Traditional Mead category! With these results, the family decided to get licensed in 2010. The second youngest graduated college with degrees in Chemistry and Biology. He uses his background in science to take the wines to a whole new professional level. Once they reached this new level, the Martin brothers officially opened its doors to the public in May of 2014 in Hermann Missouri. The youngest brother utilizes his formal engineering and business background for product and production management. Thus, the Martin brothers took their winemaking from a hobby to success.

Today, Esther Martin, president of Martin Brothers Winery, and her two youngest sons continue growing the Hermann winery and making its unique products. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Martin Brothers Winery currently has five varieties.  Our Wildflower Sweet Mead and Wildflower Dry Mead wines are created entirely from wildflower honey to create exquisitely unique flavors.  We also offer Orange Blossom Mead, Blueberry Blossom Mead, and Lucerne Blossom Mead which are made entirely from bees creating the specific honey varietals.  At Martin Brothers Winery, we believe in using only the best ingredients to create a high quality product with no shortcuts whatsoever. Therefore, our Meads are made with no flavorings added, no back sweetening, no spices, and no benzoates or sorbate preservatives. Celebrating our 4th year open for business, we now are proud to announce that we have won over 30 international awards!

Martin Brothers Winery, with its open spacious rolling hills surrounded by beautiful woods is a place to escape to in the country and enjoy an award winning Mead Wine while enjoying nature at its best.  Bring your picnic basket and enjoy the serenity of the quiet countryside while enjoying one of our unique Meads.  Explore the true experience of a quality Mead in a truly relaxed setting just a short trip from Hermann.