Lucerne Blossom Mead

Lucerne Blossom Mead

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The Honey

Lucerne blossom honey is a monofloral honey, i.e. from one flower source being the flower blossoms of the Lucerne plant.  Lucerne plant, is a legume native to Eurasia, but grows all throughout North America.  The honey itself is very aromatic with notes of the creamy honeycomb, and mild hints of lavender and vanilla.

The Method

This Lucerne Blossom Mead is a Traditional Mead made entirely from 100% USA Lucerne blossom honey and fermented on premium American oak.

The Essence

Intense spice profile with notes of clove spice, toasted cinnamon, apple, and fragrant notes of lavender and vanilla; and very long lasting complex spice finish with a mild smoke character from the American oak.

The Pairing


This is one of the few white wines that can stand up to red meats, BBQ, and even smoked meats.  Some possibilities are: Blackened Shrimp, Lamb, Smoked Sausage, Cedar Plank Salmon, Andouille Sausage, Picada


Smoked cheeses, Pepper Jack, Salty Feta, Blue Cheese


Rosemary shortbread cookies


The Details 

  • Traditional Mead
  • American Oaked
  • 14% ABV
  • 4% RS
  • Gluten Free
  • Explosive Spice Profile
  • No back sweetening
  • No flavorings
  • No spices
  • No fruit
  • No grapes
  • No Sorbate
  • No Benzoate

Winery Location & Hours

1623 Old Iron Rd.
Hermann, MO 65041


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